We plan your special day to make your wedding in Siena

We plan your special day to make your wedding in Siena unforgettable

Reality is finally better than your dreams: a wedding in one of our romantic locations becomes a magic moment! Siena, Bagno Vignoni, Pienza,Tuscany: these are the sunsets, the alleys and the endless shades of green that fill our eyes. These are the places that we know inside and out, and we can’t wait to share this extraordinary beauty with you!

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Getting married in Siena

Barbara, Luca, Sabrina together with their wedding planner team Cristina, Francesca, Bea will focus their energy and creativity on making you feel happy and carefree during your wedding celebration, for your special day, working also for who is already married and want to do it again, perhaps with the same person.

We love to organise small weddings, full of energy, charme, freedom, colours and smells. We will guide you in choosing your wedding style by defining the most appropriate details.

Some of the things we can do for you:

Siena Wedding Ceremony


Civil, religious symbolic ceremony.
Same-sex wedding

Siena Wedding Make Up

Wedding make-up

We provide for a great hair stylist and make up artist specialized in the Florence's fashion business

Siena Wedding Music & Decoration

Music & Decorations

Live music, Dj set, Florists, Lights and particular vintage bubble lights

Siena Wedding Catering & Banqueting

Catering & Banqueting

Catering with Michelin starred chef, Wedding cake, Pizza maker for a pizza party, Aperitif

Siena Wedding Management


Consultancy for the design of the wedding project, Managing relationships with suppliers and coordinating pre-event, Search and selection of qualified suppliers that meet the needs of the event, Reception

Siena Wedding Other services


Handling paperwork, Wedding car rental

Wedding in villa in Val d’Orcia or Chianti

Wedding in villa in Val d’Orcia

Wedding in thermal square medieval village

Wedding in Bagno Vignoni: a medieval thermal village

Wedding into ta winery in Montalcino or Chianti area

Wedding into a winery in Montalcino or Chianti area

Wedding in Montalcino

Wedding in Monticchiello

ECO-wedding: we can arrange an Eco-friendly wedding, for those who love recycled-made and ecological decorations and fabrics

ECO-wedding: we can arrange an Eco-friendly wedding, for those who love recycled-made and ecological decorations and fabrics

Siena Wedding Review


Wendy & Alessandro - What can we say about Barbara and Sabrina? They are fantastic and they offer a service that goes beyond the realms of the usual client/wedding planner.

When we decided to get married and entered into the “wedding world”, we realized quickly how unusual it was to come across two people that were so sincere, friendly and sensitive to our needs. Nothing was a problem; they always found time for us and were full of ideas and suggestions to make our day all the more special.

From the outset our wedding was complicated; firstly, because our guests were from all over the world (Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Italy etc.) and all with different needs. Secondly, because of the unforeseen storm that battered our venue until the moment the ceremony began. The weather caused us an incredible amount of stress (we’d planned an outdoor wedding and had cancelled the marquee 2 days earlier) and we risked ruining one whole year of planning and dreams. Throughout our panic, Barbara and Sabrina were amazing. They provided us with a beautiful hotel where we could relax and didn’t have to deal with anything and they took care of everything else: they managed the guests and together with the catering team, found solutions to all the problems whilst maintaining calm demeanors. Fortunately, the rain stopped and we were able to continue our wedding as we’d originally planned. Many people can plan a beautiful wedding but the real test is when things go wrong, and as we discovered, it takes special qualities to be able to manage a situation like ours!

The wedding personnel (catering, photographer, lighting, DJ), which Barbara and Sabrina helped us to select, were highly professional with exceptionally high standards. They had the ability to react quickly, with precision and after 4 months our guests are still talking about our wedding and thanking us for an incredible experience.

We chose “Villa Romantica” as our venue and we couldn’t be any happier with our choice. It’s situated at the foot of Pienza and has 360-degree breathtaking views of the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO site. Besides being an area of natural beauty, it satisfied all our needs and was appreciated by our guests for its good food, wine, culture, history and much more.

Writing this review brings back so many memories and strong emotions of our special day. We really can’t recommend Barbara and Sabrina enough; their passion and attention to detail renders their service unique and special. Thank you again!

Ingrid & Gianluca - Barbara e Sabrina, da dove iniziamo a ringraziarvi? Dall’inizio, perché ci avete regalato un sogno: il sogno di vivere il nostro giorno più bello nel luogo che ha visto nascere e crescere il nostro amore, un luogo per noi unico e speciale.

Il Loggiato di Bagno Vignoni. Non avremmo potuto incontrare persone migliori di voi per camminare insieme verso quel giorno, con profonda simpatia, istintiva fiducia e inesauribili sorrisi! Non pensavamo che la realtà potesse superare l’immaginazione, ma a Bagno Vignoni noi, e tutte le persone che amiamo, abbiamo vissuto questa magia.

Renate & Wolfgang - Care Barbara e Sabrina,
ancora una volta vorremmo ringraziarvi per vostro l'accompagnamento individuale durante il nostro matrimonio!
Un ringraziamento di cuore per
- la pazienza nella fase precedente
- le proposte fantastice
- vostra cordialità
- la vostra ospitalità
- una giornata particolare ed indimenticabilie
Siamo stati molto bene con voi e abbiamo conservato un bel ricordo della Toscana.

Stefania & Claudio - 25.8.2016 è stato un sogno una favola perfetta.
Tutto organizzato alla perfezione...la magia del luogo ..le splendide ortensie ..l organizzazione precisa da professionisti...e la deliziosa cena della Parolina...
GRAZIE ancora di avere condiviso questa splendida giornata che non dimenticheremo

Adelaide & Andrea
Sabrina e Barbara ci piace ricordarle durante la prepazione del nostro matrimonio deliziose e vicine, capaci di trasformare una terra calda ma sconosciuta – la Val D’Orcia e Bagno Vignoni – nel tempio dei nostri piu’ bei ricordi e delle intime emozioni. La loro presenza val ben al di la’ di una impeccabile preparazione: e’ partecipazione. Non vi sentirete soli, ne lontani da casa, ne mai in panne: Sabrina e Barbara vi aiuteranno, ma soprattutto vi faranno sentire a casa. Lasciate da parte le ansie e il nervosismo per un giorno che dovrebbe solo portare gioia e benessere, fidatevi della loro professionalita’ e del sincero senso di abnegazione nel rendervi felici e fare del vostro matrimonio il piu’ bel giorno della vostra vita.